SHEETLED.COM Thin Film LED Lighting Technology TLD For Sale



With the advent of thin film technology comes thin fil lighting. The same technology used in led televisions thin film LEDs utilize a thin film light emitting diode to fill the room with an even source of energy efficient thin film led light. SheetLED Products which are produced, based on this technology, are LED-embedded Glass and LED Headliner. Companies like Glassdecor realized projects with LED Films for LED glass tables and big LED logos containing more than 600 LEDs. The LED Film technology is usually used for glass products which have to be laminated due to legislative security reasons, like laminated LED glass tables and LED glass logo doors. Transparent conductive layers of sheetl led on glass were published for standard glass fassades but also for media facades. Balustrades have been realized in the airport of LED Film, also called LED-embedded Light Film is a new technology of SMD electronics on flexible transparent conductive polymer films. This technology is based on the use of a cold curing pick and place process on transparent conductive plastics

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